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Reno Diaries: December and January Progress

Happy New Year. I hope whatever you did to celebrate the end of 2017 and start of 2018 was fantastic! The last 8 weeks have flown by! It’s been hard to keep up with what we’re doing…because we’re living in just a little bit of chaos right now + end of semester + Christmas +… Continue reading Reno Diaries: December and January Progress


Reno Diaries: our neighbours have their driveway back – for now.

….and we have a walk out basement. For now. Basically, nothing is exactly permanent at the moment. It was wonderful to arrive home from work earlier this week and see that our project is really under way! And by underway I mean we gave our neighbours their driveway back (it’s actually new and improved) AND… Continue reading Reno Diaries: our neighbours have their driveway back – for now.

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Plans for a ‘new’ year…

September always feels like the start of a new year, doesn’t it? Even though there are no little ones running around this house getting ready for classes to start, Adam and I are. With both of us working at a University, this time of year is our ‘new year’. We still live our lives in… Continue reading Plans for a ‘new’ year…

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House Update and What’s on Tap 2015 to 2016 Edition: Catching Up!

In early 2015 I shared our plans for what we wanted to accomplish that year. The list wasn’t too long…it also wasn’t too short. You know, somewhere happily in between. Overall it was a pretty good year for house projects¬†but, as always, not everything was finished ūüė¶ Some of the items on the list were… Continue reading House Update and What’s on Tap 2015 to 2016 Edition: Catching Up!

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Getting Uncomfortable….

Most of our projects have involved some level of inconvenience or discomfort but the level of work has never been so difficult and challenging that we’ve thought twice about this whole turning a house into a home thing. Now, this could be because we tend to take things slow:) ¬†Why rush? ¬†Or because we’ve sometimes… Continue reading Getting Uncomfortable….

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Deciding Where to Start…

Deciding where to start a renovation project can be influenced by so many factors. ¬†In our case, practically won over anything else. ¬†For our home to be insured new wiring and plumbing was required….and then things kinda went from there…. In late 2010, after we took possession of our house, we re-wired and re-plumbed the… Continue reading Deciding Where to Start…