Plans & Projects

We’ve got plans, projects, lists and ideas.  This is where I share those by linking back to relevant posts, telling you about what happened pre-blog (at least what I can remember), or what didn’t make it to the blog for some reason.

2015 Plans

2015 Reality: we hung art, mounted our TV to live amongst the art on the living room gallery wall, installed under cabinet lighting in the kitchen, had 3 not so healthy/happy trees removed from the backyard, installed a fence across the back of the yard that actually keeps our dog in, and added some toe-kicks, valances and trim to our kitchen cabinets (yes, the ones we installed 2 years before!). Oh, and we re-painted the bathroom in anticipation of tile being installed on the walls. Which means we only half painted the bathroom because why waste paint on wall area that will be covered? Right?

2014 Reality: we took down a chunk of tree (that an ice storm started the work on for us); painted the exterior of our front porch; painted outside of front exterior door; installed new backdoor; purged stuff we didn’t need from our lives; bought dining room chairs (yay seating); had chimney removed to roof level; prepped garden area behind garage by covering it all up so we can actually use that space for gardening instead of weeds.

2013 Reality : installed new floors in living room, dining room, and kitchen; re-roofed the garage; ripped out the entire kitchen; reconfigured kitchen and put it back together; new kitchen appliances; painted porch interior; installed hardyboard on garage surface facing house; installed stair railings on back deck.

2013 Plans

2012 Reality: drywall was applied over the walls and ceilings in living room and dining room; paint followed!; opened up knee-walls in main bedroom (remember, our house is a storey and a half) – added structural beams, insulation, drywall, paint to walls/ceiling/floor; created a closet and mini-vanity area in our main bedroom; turned office closet into shelved storage area; painted inside of enclosed front porch; built a work table for the basement workshop; built a square foot garden; planted veggies and harvested them!;  created a sun garden adjacent to the garage; removed garage eavesthroughs and rotten wood frame of roof; paid to have three dangerously positioned trees removed; beefed up the temporary fence after a canine hoodini escape attempt.

2011 Reality: painted bathroom (and yes, in hindsight this should have been done before we put all the fixtures in); added wiring to the basement for things like a worktable and chest freezer; made a plywood floor with sealant for closed in front porch (and to cover the [potential] asbestos tiles beneath); painted upstairs hallway, stairwell, and foyer; painted stairs (again, to seal in said floor tiles); painted office walls and floors; painted upper kitchen cabinets (after removing the door and never putting them back up); painted kitchen walls; removed all thorny bushes from front sidewalk area; planted bulbs for spring; cleaned up existing garden space in backyard; created a drainage trench for winter melt flow so our sidewalk doesn’t become an ice rink; we hung art and photos in some places!; put together outdoor planters for the front entry; fixed gate entry to backyard so it can open and close; replaced porch door with one that doesn’t lock people into our porch.

2010 Reality: Starting October 25, 2010: purchased house; cleared debris in back yard; unfinished the basement; rewired and re-plumbed the house; new structural floor beams added to upstairs bathroom; entire re-do of bathroom; removed floors from living room, stairs, three bedrooms and hallways; created a temporary fence for the one lonely unfenced area of our yard (and to keep the dog in).


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