Randoms – #4

The timing of these posts is indeed random. I’ve been holding on to some of these stories since the spring…and while we are now into autumn, they are still good reads. Short reads and visuals “Family is just people you can trust and you love and they love you back.” 8 homes of a 13… Continue reading Randoms – #4


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Reno Diaries: December and January Progress

Happy New Year. I hope whatever you did to celebrate the end of 2017 and start of 2018 was fantastic! The last 8 weeks have flown by! It’s been hard to keep up with what we’re doing…because we’re living in just a little bit of chaos right now + end of semester + Christmas +… Continue reading Reno Diaries: December and January Progress

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Prepare to tack….tacking….

For those wondering about the title, it’s what you say when you’re sailing and getting ready to turn the boat. “Tacking” or “coming about” is a sailing term for turning – putting your bow (the front part of the boat) into the wind so the direction of the wind on your sails changes – and… Continue reading Prepare to tack….tacking….