Gratitude, Thy Names are….

When we started renovating the kitchen in 2013, we had no idea how long things would actually take.  Which is why, we are FINALLY getting around to installing the bulkheads that will connect the cabinets to the ceiling and installing toe-kicks and some final cover panels.

At the end of this weekend we will, of course, not be done.  Not only will there be some valances and undercabinet lighting left to be installed, along with shelving on the wall and under the cabinets where we intentionally left some space for open shelves (yay wine storage that we’ll build) – but really, I can’t imagine actually being done.  I have this image that we’ll ‘finish’ and then start something over again…just because that seems to be how we work in this house. Which is fine…but with this project, I want to be done ‘enough’ that we get to the lipstick phase; artwork, window treatments, new runner on the floor….ah the lipstick phase.

Right now the lipstick phase still feels a way’s off but at least we’re making progress.  And that is really thanks to my brother-in-law and his partner Will and Jackie (or W&J as I usually refer to them).

TYFBA (Thank you for being awesome)
TYFBA (Thank you for being awesome)

For some jobs we just need a bit of help – both motivational help and physical “can you please bring your table saw” help.  So we’re feeling pretty grateful that they are stepping away from the massive gut job reno they are living in to lend us a hand today.  They rock!

Who helps you make a final push to a project completion?  Who is your skilled family/friend who’s help you’re grateful for?


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