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Randoms – #3

One of the facts of my life is that I still live with a school-year mentality. Working at a university does that to you. Life centres around the 12 week semester, followed by two weeks of exams, and somewhere between 1-3 weeks of in-between time where we wrap up the semester that was and prepare for the one that’s coming oh-so-quickly. This time of year, that in-between time includes a week off at Christmas. #perkofworkinginhighered.

Currently, we’re in the two weeks of exam time. Good Luck everyone! But, because it’s also December, walking around campus (aka work) you can feel the weird combination of stress and relief floating through the air among the holiday decor of menorahs and Christmas trees.

In the meantime, here’s some random things I’ve been wanting to share:

and finally….

It’s been a busy semester and I’m looking forward to my holiday break coming up soon. I’m loading up on podcasts and books for the 23 hours train ride east in a couple of weeks. I’m so looking forward to the break. And listening. And reading. And eating. And FAMILY!

Happy December!



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