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Randoms – #3

One of the facts of my life is that I still live with a school-year mentality. Working at a university does that to you. Life centres around the 12 week semester, followed by two weeks of exams, and somewhere between 1-3 weeks of in-between time where we wrap up the semester that was and prepare… Continue reading Randoms – #3


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Randoms – #2

Like many people, I’m interested in lots of different things. It makes my reading of online news and newspapers quite diverse. In one moment I’m into a comprehensive piece about Brexit and in the next, a recipe on summer ratatouille (make it, it’s delicious!). On social media channels and through podcasts, I’m not surprised by the… Continue reading Randoms – #2

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From Date Moments to Date Weekends: sharing how we stay connected

Happy Valentine’s Day! Do you have special plans for the day? An annual tradition of some sort? I would love to hear about how you celebrate the day. We’re not really into Valentine’s Day with chocolates and roses and extra declarations of love. Although AB received some jujubes in his lunch as my gift to… Continue reading From Date Moments to Date Weekends: sharing how we stay connected

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Travel Files: Antigua, the first time, December 2014

NOTE: I wrote this post months and months ago and posted it before the storm season was really underway. The end of August and September have brought a very active storm season to the Caribbean and parts of the US. Hurricane Irma hit both Antigua and Barbuda in September 2017. Antigua is fine. Barbuda is… Continue reading Travel Files: Antigua, the first time, December 2014

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Prepare to tack….tacking….

For those wondering about the title, it’s what you say when you’re sailing and getting ready to turn the boat. “Tacking” or “coming about” is a sailing term for turning – putting your bow (the front part of the boat) into the wind so the direction of the wind on your sails changes – and… Continue reading Prepare to tack….tacking….