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Randoms – #2

Like many people, I’m interested in lots of different things. It makes my reading of online news and newspapers quite diverse. In one moment I’m into a comprehensive piece about Brexit and in the next, a recipe on summer ratatouille (make it, it’s delicious!).

On social media channels and through podcasts, I’m not surprised by the diversity of things I connect with or want to explore a little more. So here’s a sampling of installation #2 of Randoms.


  • Can you say cultural appropriation? The irony of someone using such core aspects of Hawaiian culture like food and language without an ounce of the aloha spirit. I don’t care if his poke is any good, I don’t like a bully


  • This Instagram account of patterns on the seats of Japanese trains is fascinating. Somehow, it reminds me of the Accidentally Wes Anderson account. Fascinating how others see and capture the world around us…and what we’re willing to follow along with.



  • I’m not a mother, but I do love Another Mother Runner. The podcast is great and fills my long runs with thoughtful commentary and good info for my ongoing journey as a mediocre athlete. Also laughs. Which, on a long run, are a necessity. It feels like I know SBS and Dimity and all the coaches. And now I’m finally following their Instagram account so I feel like I really know them.


  • Subscription boxes seem to be all the rage and there are so many options. I’ve finally signed up for one! It’s Canadian, and from an Indigenous company supporting other Indigenous companies. It’s called Raven Reads and I can’t wait for it to arrive!

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