Randoms – #4

The timing of these posts is indeed random. I’ve been holding on to some of these stories since the spring…and while we are now into autumn, they are still good reads.

Short reads and visuals

“Family is just people you can trust and you love and they love you back.ā€ 8 homes of a 13 foster child.

….Coincidences on the Streets of New York. Photographer Jonathan Higbee’s eye on the city.

A company actually putting values ahead of profit? Patagonia and the logo vest.

Saw it on social

A little round cuteness to brighten your day. Round animals that are simply adorable.

Twitter sourced answers for stress relief with no running, smoking, or drinking? Needle craft anyone?

Podcast Playlist

As a Canadian with a NYT The Daily habit, I was thrilled when our national broadcaster, the CBC, started their own version. Front Burner is obviously different from The Daily for so many reasons and a great addition to my day…especially during this current federal election.


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