It’s Been Awhile…

via pinterest

I guess I never really got into the habit of posting – otherwise it would probably feel weirder than it does to try and return:) Maybe I was waiting for the mood to strike…except it has several times and for some strange reason I turned it down.  In fact, in the middle of doing a house reno task, shopping trip or travelling I think “hey, this would make a good post”. And then I do nothing:(

I could come up with some excuses.  I mean, things have definitely been busy. Like many families we balance work, house renos, family and friends, and all the rest.  I add in some grad school work (only 8 months left!) and time consciously spent with some friends.  But really, despite being busy, I have not been overly productive.  That means, there’s room to improve.

So, because I want to blog I’m giving this whole thing another go. It may end up rambling a bit more than expected…we’ll see.


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