Behind Already?

Hello and Happy Thursday!

As I’ve shared before, our major 2013 reno is new floors in the living room, dining room and kitchen – along with that huge gut job in the kitchen.  Yesterday, our floors were supposed to arrive so they could “acclimatize” over the following 72 hours and we could install them in the LR on Sunday.  Unfortunately, the climate outside was doing a mix between whiteout squall conditions and bright beautiful sun.  The truck with our flooring was spending a lot of time in the whiteout side of things while here in town it was sunny and wonderful.  So I was a little disappointed when Alex from the mill called (that’s right, our floors are coming directly from a mill – will share about this later) and told me he was “pulling the truck off the road”.

My fingers are crossed that today the floor actually does arrive so we get the time to acclimatize before Sunday.  I’m at work with meetings and deadlines so my partner in reno crime is waiting for the call to come home and let the guys in…and my fingers are also crossed that the space I cleared for the flooring is also where it ends up.  But who knows?

So, we haven’t even started and we may already be behind.  I’ve planned for [potentially] being behind later in the project…but not out of the gate.  That’s seems a little too early for me.

Any delivery delays that caught you off guard during a project?



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