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What’s on Tap 2013

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My #oneword for 2013 is FOCUS. Yes, in ALL CAPS because that’s what it takes sometimes.

Part of why that word resonated with me this year was that there are a few major things here on the home front that require our focus.  No more planning, window shopping or thinking about it.  It’s time to focus our energy and time and get er done.

And with that in mind, here’s what on tap for 2013 on Raglan Street.

Outdoor Projects:

  1. Paint front door
  2. Paint front porch exterior
  3. Replace garage roof
  4. Plant edible garden (at least same size as last year)
  5. Fix masonry where needed*

Indoor Projects:

  1. Install flooring in LR, DR and Kitchen
  2. Gut Kitchen!!! And then put it all back together
  3. Headboard for our bed
  4. Paint stairs

*involves the services of a pro – we’re just not that good with rubble foundations and bricks.


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