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Why the Blues?

What’s in a Name?

The name of this blog is not without household controversy. You see, we live on Raglan Street.  Yup, so original to include that in the name – but I like saying the name of our street so it works. Also, I like the colour blue – in various shades and tones.  However, one member of our household (and let’s be honest, it’s not me or the opinion free four-legged one) thinks the title makes it sound like we’ve got the blues because the house is such a ‘project’.  Since we wouldn’t want you thinking that, here’s the story:

Rationale and Inspiration in Blog Naming

Rationale: As we work on transforming our house into a home the renovations will [hopefully] transform into decorations.  At that point I plan to place blue in each room in some way – big or small.  Because I really do like the colour.  I like how well it plays with other colours like greens and reds.

beautiful yarn via stitch-niche.com
beautiful yarn via Stitch Niche

Already the white walls have hints of blue in them, the bedroom is blue and so is the front hall dresser. Loads of photos and artwork that will one day grace our walls also have blue as a theme.

Inspiration: Since we purchased the house I’ve thought of Raglan Street as a blues song.  Now, I’m not necessarily a huge of fan of blues music – really haven’t even taken the time to delve into the genre or anything.  It’s just that “The Raglan Street Blues” sound right to me  – so I’ve forged ahead with the title – for now.  I mean, who knows where things may be lead.

via scratch paper studio

I can assure you that even in moments of serious plaster dust invasions, sleeping in the dining room for months due to scheduling challenges with bedroom renos and not being able to find our clothes in the morning (because they’re packed where this week?) we keep smiling.  We didn’t plan on buying a house that would be such a project.  But we trusted ourselves to take the leap and sign the dotted line.

We love our house, the feeling we have when we walk in, our great neighbours and amazing neighbourhood.  We haven’t got the blues….I just like the name.  And afterall, I’m the one writing so should connect to the name, right?


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